Best Solar Phone Chargers That you Can Own Today

While our smartphones keep getting better and better, their batteries are not. And it is hard to keep these things charged, especially when we are out on a road trip, camping, or even while spending the day with some friends in the park. Luckily, there is now a solution to our problem – there are best solar phone chargers that you can avail. Combining the free and abundant power of the sun, these chargers ensure we will never run out of backup for charging our phones, no matter where we are.


BigBlue 28W

The BigBlue 28 stood out when it comes to charging efficiency and dependability. This 28-watt model excelled in these two vital metrics, complete with an integrated ammeter and auto-restart function. These features allow the panel to keep delivering charge in less than ideal conditions. The BigBlue 28W is an overall package from charging efficiency to durability and its straightforward design, as well as the fact that this charger is still reliable even when the sun is not.



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Anker PowerPort 21W

Anker’s panels earned the second spot thanks to their reliable, high-quality manufacturing, as well as the high-performance machine. Anker has always produced a well-made, dependable product, including the Anker Powerport. This lightweight and high-performance panel excels in most metrics, particularly when it comes to multi-device charging capabilities.

Goertek 25,000mAh

The Goertek 25,000mAh is the first and foremost, a battery pack. Though fully functional, the solar component is not as reliable as some of the larger-capacity panels in this list. It will keep your small gadgets charged, but it will work a lot better if the battery pack has a charge in it, and it is not wholly reliant on the sun alone. Unfortunately, it is only a 2W panel without the battery pack, which means it doesn’t deliver much juice. Overall, Goertek is still a great panel as it can replenish using solar if left in the sun for long hours.

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SunJack 25W

The SunJack 25 is one of the intense panels that provides durability and fast charging. It rapidly charges your phones and boasts rugged, ETFE-coated panels, which makes this an award-winning for its durability. It can also withstand dirt, dust, and even desert sun, which makes it even impressive. With its mesh storage pouch on the back, you can guarantee that it’s spacious enough for the two SunJack battery packs. Along with the kit, plus the extra cords and the phone. So if you are tired of messing around with slow-charging panels. Yhe SunJack 25 could be the right one for you.


The last in our list for best solar phone chargers is the ECEEN. Another company that produces a foldable, canvas-covered panel. The ECEEN 13W is not just affordable and lightweight. It also offers an impressive performance compared to other midsize panels. Although it has no frills, only a basic fold-able panel with a few clip-in points, and a mesh pocket, the ECEEN 13W gets the job done for small electronics, which makes it one of the best ranking midsize panels in this list.

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