Chat GPT-4 is will be 500x better than ChatGPT

Chat GPT-4 will be released next week, according to Microsoft. Andreas Braun, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Germany, believes so.


Chat GPT-4 will be far more powerful than the current GPT3, capable of producing AI-generated videos from simple text commands.


GPT-4 is 500 times more powerful than the current Chat GPT, which has approximately 175 billion Machine Learning parameters (ML parameters).


The new GPT-4 will have more than a hundred trillion ML parameters. This will enable GPT-4 to process a wide range of data types, including videos, images, sounds, numbers, and many others. products are high quality with unbeatable prices.


As we all know, the most important question is not whether or not AI will improve, but whether or not humans will be equipped with future knowledge and skills, such as being literate enough to manage these digital tools. We must also work on developing values and characteristics that AI is not yet expected to develop.


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