6 Features to look before buying Wireless Headphones

There are tons of brands of headphones to choose in the market. Starting with its form and style, wired or wireless, noise cancellation, price and sound quality. It is important to determine and identify where you intend to use it and choose what suits your lifestyle. As much as possible, do some research about the product before you buy it.

But first, let’s talk about the types of headphones. You need to be aware of its physical appearance and how to use it before you get one. There are types of headphones that usually separate them from each other due to how to and where to use it properly. Here are the types of headphones that you should need to check first.

In-ear headphones (also known as Earbuds)

The smallest type of headphones that are inserted directly in the ear canal. It can produce good quality sound as long as you keep it on the reasonable sound level.
It is light weight and tends to give the user a good noise isolation. Best for running and workouts.

On-ear headphone

This headphone comes with a lot of style and form that typically have thick headband and large ear cups. Unlike the in-ear headphones, On-ear headphones produce the best sound. Different manufacturers are competing for the best driver size and sound quality which makes this type of headphone advisable for audiophiles. The pricier they are, the best quality and comfort you can have.

True wireless headphones (also known as Bluetooth earbuds)

This type of headphones has boomed its popularity due its compact and lightweight features. It’s physical appearance is just exactly the same with in-ear headphones but no wire. The only disadvantage of True Wireless headphones is battery life. As many manufacturers already make it full potential by adding a charging case to extend its usage while you are on-the-go.

Wireless headphones

Physically same with on-ear headphones but no wire. It is also connected via Bluetooth and often has a good battery life that can last up to 12-36 hours depending on the brand that you choose. As it gains more mobility many of the audiophiles still prefer the wired on-ear because of the clarity and quality of sound that it produces when compared to wireless headphones.

Full size headphones

A type of headphones with large ear cups that fully enclosed the ears. Often used at home and offers maximum potential of bass and loudness levels. It can totally cancel any noise from outside when surround-sound features are available.

Sports headphones

Specifically made to withstand extreme workouts without tending to interfere the sound as you do your exercise. Most Sports headphones offer sweat-resistance that makes the sound mostly not great due to its sealed design.

Features that you need to look for.

Wireless capability

Distance and frequency are the primary things to look for. Wireless innovation doesn’t function undersea if you plan to use it for swimming, so there aren’t any types of undersea Bluetooth headphones available for swimming yet. Mostly Bluetooth headphones are great for exercising and running, there are lots of brands and alternatives that you can choose depending on how much you can spend..


There are Waterproof earphones that can be utilized for swimming depending on its IP rating. Normally water resistant earphones can hold up against rainfall. Most waterproof earphones are likewise sweat-resistance.

Battery Life

Battery life is necessary for wireless headphones. Manufacturers listing battery life rankings. However these are heavily influenced by just how the headphones are being utilized and also outdoors variables. We list the genuine battery life in hrs or as “N/A” for wired earphones.

Volume Control

This reveals whether you can regulate the audio quantity straight via the headphones or with an in-line remote, which serves for wireless headphones when you’re linked to the device that could not constantly be within simple reach.


Some headphones feature microphones constructed right into the item itself or the cable. It’s a wonderful function for taking phone calls and recording sound. Most wireless headphones have hands-free phone calls features.

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation is a headphone ability to seal the sound in your ear and shut out ambient sound. This feature produces better bass sound and also general audio top quality. Plus, with much less sound, you can maintain the quantity at reduced degrees.

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