The Must-Have Black Friday Tech Gadget For You

Who would have guessed that facemasks and sanitizers would become the must-have stables last year? But here we are as Black Friday 2021 just a few weeks away, getting the ideas for what to shop is a must-thing to do this season to grab the opportunity to buy it with huge discount. While we have no idea what 2022 will bring. It’s always a good idea to plan and research for new gadget that you need and allow us to give you more idea and feel less stressed. Here are some of the must-have Black Friday tech gadget that you should check now.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Discover Shark’s game-changing technologies, all packed into a sleek upright silhouette.  Glide from carpets to hard floors with DuoClean – two motorised brush-rolls work together in one floorhead to seamlessly clean all floors. Anti Hair Wrap Technology removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean, so you don’t have to. Easily clean stairs, under furniture and throughout your home, instantly transforming this powerful upright into a portable vacuum with Powered Lift-Away. Complete with handy attachments for versatile cleaning.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away NZ850UK

Zendure SuperTank Pro

The SuperTank Pro is a power bank that is robust and delivers the promised power. This monster power bank comes with four USB-C ports and is capable of a maximum output of 138W. The OLED display reveals what’s going on for each of the ports clearly. With a UPS/pass-through feature, the SuperTank Pro allows you to power up a power bank. And use the power bank to juice up other devices, so it also acts as a power distribution hub.


Shark Vacuum designed to make your life easier


Ulefone Armor 9

As much as you like your iPhone, the Ulefone Armor will become your favorite smartphone. When you need to venture into the outdoors or need to carry out diagnostics using the borescope and thermal camera. Armor 9 is fast, tough, and exceptionally well-made. Combined with the optional borescope that clamps onto the side. Armor 9 is like a handy go-anywhere toolbox in your pocket. The perfect Android smartphone for engineers.

Tile Pro, Tile Slim, Tile Sticker

A Tile Pro on your keys, a Tile Slim in your wallet. These stickers in your luggage will not only give you peace of mind. In addition, it also helps you find misplaced wallet or keys.

Yubico YubiKey

The use of SMS for 2FA is coming to an end, and it’s about time too. The YubiKey is a hardware authentication key that is compatible with a huge list of apps and services. Starting from password managers such as 1Password and LastPass. The services like Dropbox, Twitter, GitHub, CloudFlare,, Bitbucket, AWS, are supported.

Shark Vacuum designed to make your life easier


iStorage datAshur BT

The iStorage datAshur BT is an encrypted flash drive that you can unlock using your smartphone. This drive is a great way to keep your data when on the move. And you’ll find yourself using it more and more. For the times when your cloud storage isn’t convenient. The datAshur BT is the practical at the moment.

Everything on this flash drive is secured by a 7-15 character password or a biometric unlock such as Touch ID/Fingerprint, ID/Facial recognition, IRIS scanning from a smartphone or tablet. The communication between the drive and the device is supported by a secured Bluetooth authentication communication using any smartphone/tablet or Apple Watch. In addition, it is Secured by a FIPS validated encryption layer, the Bluetooth channel is only used for connection purposes.

Meshforce M3s Mesh Wi-Fi router kit

Lastly, it looks like working from home might still be around for a while, then you need to upgrade your network setup, especially if you’re relying on your old router to deliver Wi-Fi. The Mesh Wi-Fi router kit is what you need to provide your home Wi-Fi setup into the 21st century!

Shark Vacuum designed to make your life easier

Shark Vacuum designed to make your life easierHome cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Shark Vacuum was developed to innovate cleaning solutions for better home living. Shark enjoys global recognition with its dedication for innovation and quality of their products. From their wide range of premium vacuum cleaners and steam mops, Shark’s technologies are engineered in-house and developed through comprehensive consumer testing and feedback, to combat your real-life cleaning challenges. Visit for latest products, special deals and for your peace of mind, they offer free extended guarantee of up to 5 years for all vacuum cleaners.




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