The New Essential Gadget: Electric Bikes

The e-bike or electric bikes has never been more essential than ever. Public transport is still a potential health hazard, but many people are now getting back to work as lockdown eases. The best e-bike could be the best bike full stop, whether you are a newcomer to biking or already a professional cyclist.Shop your next Gadget at

Electronic bikes are perfect for people trying to reduce their carbon footprints, want to save money, and get a little fitter. Although it’s an electric bike, it still doesn’t do all the work for you by any means. Instead, the battery is to assist your pedaling rather than doing all the work. Here are the best electric bikes you can buy today.


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The S3 is a sturdily built thing that rides well. Even with minimal effort, you can still get up to 20mph, and it irons out hills a treat. Plus, the hydraulic disk brakes bring the e-bike to a dead stop. The biggest worry about riding a bike, aside from crashes, is the ever-present threat of theft. Luckily, VanMoof S3 includes a feature that fights back against any threat of theft, with a hard to remove integral magnetic lock, an integral alarm, as well as a GPS tracker that you can use to locate the bike if anyone is foolhardy enough to steal it. What’s even more remarkable is that VanMoof will even send someone to find your bike and politely ask the man to give it back.


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This Gtech City Bike is way simpler and cheaper than most of the bikes here. Despite being years old now, it still is the best cheap electric bike you can buy and excellent for beginners or even those on a budget. There are more powerful and affordable e-bikes out there than this, but Gtech, best known for its hedge trimmers and vacuum cleaners, is the champion amongst the rest.


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When it comes to your daily commute that involves public transport followed by cycling, the E-Brompton offers total ease of parking. Not only that, but you can also stow it in a luggage rack easily and still allows you to arrive in an unsweaty state with its electric assistance.

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In a world that is often dominated by massive saddles and bulky downtubes, there’s no doubt that this electric bike is not only handsome but also refreshing to see with its sleek and speedy-looking design. Designed to act as your daily whip, the Orbea Gain also has double-up as the weekend sportive machine. With its powerful disc brakes, carbon fork, and racy aluminum frame, this e-bike is perfect for taking up the miles during your spare time.


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This folding electric bike feels sturdier and is even more fun to ride than the Brompton. The downside, though, is that the Gocycle GX doesn’t fold up as neatly as the Brompton, although it does fold enough and sufficiently quickly to take it on public transport.

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