Where You Should Buy Your Xbox Series X

Launched a few months ago, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are still in great demand today. With a lot of gamers still trying to get their hands on this gadget once, but post-release restocks rolling out. You may be able to secure one of these if you are aware where to get one online.

With news of months of shortages and scalpers snapping up stock, if you won’t be able to secure one during holiday season, chances are, it could be a long wait for you before you get your hands on this one. So as much as possible, when you get new Xbox Series X restocks, you should act real quick before it’s too late.

Retailers in the US have been getting more inventories this week, and there was even a huge PS5 restock too! If you’re still on the lookout, keep this page bookmarked and check out the USA retailer links below.


An Xbox Series X|S restock, along with the PS5 this week, was announced by Walmart Canada. The retailer ran into a delay with the Xbox, but since the stock has gone live, it sold out quickly. Keep an eye on the US store, too, as some retailers have not yet been announcing in advance about their inventory drops. Make sure you have your account ready and including your payment details. So when the stock goes live, you can proceed to the checkout process with ease.

Amazon US

This week, Amazon has been releasing PS5 stock across its various regions, so if you’re after either the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, keep an eye on their site daily. The company said that they would have more stock this month, so it looks like it’s rolling it all out now.

Microsoft Store

Photo from xbox.com

Although they are Microsoft’s babies, visiting the store right now to buy either Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. They will direct you to retail partner websites where you can buy the consoles. You can purchase the consoles for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store app. Though, in the meantime, bookmark the website first and keep checking in.

Best Buy

Last week, Best Buy had a Cyber Monday Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restocks. The retailer is likely to have more consoles this year. We don’t know if Best Buy has got more up its sleeves, but you should keep an eye on its website.


Sold the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in-store for Black Friday, but the quantity was limited. It also dropped more bundles online, so be sure to keep an eye on the website. For the next two months any Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S may have festive surprises.


Target has sold out both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It hasn’t confirmed that it’s getting more in yet. It would be odd if it hasn’t allocated stock of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S after the holiday shopping rush.

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