Things You Should Avoid With Your Smartphone

One of the most prized possessions is our smartphones. It is where we keep our secrets, fun memories with family and friends, and more. However, many of us don’t seem to value our phones and often take them for granted. There are certain things that we should avoid doing with our mobile phones under any circumstances. So, today, we are going to share those tips that will protect your phone from possible damages, data loss, and such. Here are the things you should avoid with your smartphone.Shop online at best prices in

Leaving your screen unlock

The more information we store on our phone, the riskier it becomes once you leave your mobile unattended or stolen. Always lock your phone’s screen so no one can access your phone except you.

Not updating your phone

Updating your device with its latest OS will enhance your phone’s performance. Each update has some or more improvements that may have an impact on your smartphone.

Charging your phone on USB

For those who didn’t know, charging your device in the plug is different from charging it on USB. That’s because your phone doesn’t get much juice when charging it on USB compared to the original charger.

Not adding a backup

To prevent losing your photos, videos, and other stuff on your phone, always be sure to have a backup.

Shop online at best prices in Tomtop.comNot storing on the cloud

If you have something on your phone that you can’t afford to lose, then it’s best to save them on the cloud platform. Other options are Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and a few more others.

Overheating your phone

When charging your device, don’t leave it somewhere warm to avoid overheating. Furthermore, charging it all night may cause harm to your phone’s battery and may only withstand less in the long term.

Leaving the screen unprotected

No matter how protected your screen is with a special protector, it may still cause damage once it falls, which is you shouldn’t leave your screen exposed. Instead, invest a screen protector that can protect your mobile from any possible damage.

Exposing your phone to water

Never let your phone expose to water, may it be a splash, rain, or whatever. Any moisture content may cause a lot of damage to your phone.

Shop online at best prices in Tomtop.comKeeping intimate photos/videos in your gallery

For safety purposes, never keep intimate pictures and/or videos in your gallery as it can be misused once stolen or left attended.

Getting a smartphone on a plan

If you’re planning to get a new smartphone, it’s best to wait for massive discounts and don’t go for a monthly contract. Some plans have hidden charges, which may cause you a bit much.

Installing apps from unverified sources

To prevent your personal information stolen, never install apps from unknown sources. Go for Playstore instead.

Using public WiFi connections

The information you share could be visible to anyone who knows how to look.

Shop online at best prices in Tomtop.comKilling apps from the recent apps

It may help you speed up your device, but killing apps from the recent apps also have a drawback. Those apps you’ve just killed will take more time to open up than usual.

Not rebooting your phone

Rebooting/restarting your phone time makes your device healthy, clears some temporary cache memory, and lastly, it speeds up the phone.

Tapping the allow button without even checking

The last but not the least in things you should avoid with your smartphone, whenever you install an app, it will ask for permission. Before tapping allow on all the permission, be sure to check whether it is needed or not.

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