The Pros And Cons Of Wireless Charging

Before we begin, it’s vital to know how this wireless charging works. It is known as inductive charging or cordless charging; the wireless charging is a way of charging with the use of cordless chargers. Just place your smartphone on top of a wireless charging device, and it will charge your phone right away. The wireless chargers generate electrical voltage through magnetism. Since it has an electromagnetic field, it transfers energy by electromagnetic induction. The energy from the charger is sent to the device, which is used to charge the battery. Here are the simplest pros and cons of wireless charging that you should know about before you decide to use or not use it.Find the gadget that you love at

The Pros Of Wireless Charging

  • For those who are most likely to misplace their cables, wireless chargers are excellent and super handy for them. Now, there’s no need to worry about misplacing your charging cable anymore because this charger doesn’t even have one.
  • It prevents the charging port of your phone getting weary, as you won’t be using it often.
  • There’s no need to replace or spend extra money on a broken cable.

The Cons Of Wireless Charging

  • For people with a busy lifestyle, the wireless charger is much less convenient because they are always on the go. For instance, you tend to charge your phone while also working on your laptop during your daily commute, then charging with a cable is more convenient for you. After all, these chargers and cables are lightweight and small, while a charging station is quite bulky and needs a power outlet. Therefore, wireless chargers aren’t convenient to take them everywhere with you.
  • Another thing is, not all smartphones can be charged without a cord. Although the latest mobile phones have the Qi standard needed for wireless charging, older phones, and those cheaper/ mid-range smartphones do not support Qi. Therefore, wireless charging is not for everyone.Find the gadget that you love at
  • Wireless charging is much slower than charging your smartphone a typical charger. If you’re the kind of person who combines airplane mode with a super-fast charger, then you’re used to having your phone fully-charged in no time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case if you’re on wireless charging. You have to be more patient when using a wireless charger. Most smartphones have 10W to 18W charging speed with a cable, but with some new models, it has 40W. The speed of the wireless charging depends on the model of the smartphone you are using.
  • Wireless charging calls for a bigger investment compared to the regular charger. If you want to buy a typical adapter or cable, you can score a great deal. Since wireless chargers are anno 2019, they are still expected to be slightly expensive. Maybe soon, you will be able to score a better deal.
  • When charging your smartphone with a wireless charger, it will be more difficult for you to use your phone. If you’re the kind of person who can’t keep his hands from the phone even when it’s still hooked with a charger, then you know it will be hard to use the device when using a charging station. Plus, you can’t bring the charging station to bed.

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