5 Helpful Ways To Keep Your Headphones Last Long

Shop your cool gadgets only at CAFAGO.com5 Helpful Ways To Keep Your Headphones Last Long

You bought a pair of headphones, you love them, and you want to keep them looking and sounding as good as new but don’t know-how. To ensure to keep your headphones last long and as good as new. Follow these five easy tips to help you get the most out of them while making sure they will still sound good and in top shape even for years to come.Shop your cool gadgets only at CAFAGO.com

Mind Your Cable

Perhaps the key to maintaining your headphone is: Mind the cable. Looping the cable around a few fingers and storing it this way will prevent internal cable damage. Wadding a cable up will most likely create breakage points over time, whether or not the surface of the cord seems undamaged.

For earphones, keeping the cable wound is as easy as using a storage pouch; they’re intended to hold a cable that’s been coiled. For headphones, if the cable is detachable, remove the cable and wind it up, then secure it with a velcro wrap or twist tie will go a long way toward extending its life. If it is irremovable, winding it and tying it is also recommended, but leave some slack near the earcups to allow for better in-case storage and prevent any tension at connection points.

Shop your cool gadgets only at CAFAGO.comKeep Headphones Clean

If you own headphones, whether they’re circumaural (over-the-ear) or supra-aural (on-ear), earwax buildup should never be an issue. But if the earpads get sweaty, you need to rinse them off. Particularly within canal models, you should clean them regularly due to a possible earwax buildup as it can block out treble, alter the stereo image, and also look mighty unappealing. Unfortunately, only a few in-ear pairs ship with earwax cleaning tools. However, you can purchase these tools online at affordable prices.

Shop your cool gadgets only at CAFAGO.comUse Apps To Achieve Better Sounding

It’s easy to alter the sound signature of your headphones with an app. If the way they sound out of the box doesn’t concern you at all, using an app to tweak stuff is unlikely to make you love them. But subtle use of EQ apps can do all kinds of helpful results. It’s a perfect way to tone down overly boosted bass (a standard feature in today’s models) or to tame any overly sibilant high-mids, for instance.

Shop your cool gadgets only at CAFAGO.comGet Serious With DACs

Where EQ apps strive to remodel the sound signature of your headphones’ drivers, digital-to-analog converters (DACs) are nearly changing the overall audio quality, as opposed to the frequency response of the headphones. The default DAC you depend on most days is the one stored inside your smartphone device. From the phone, it converts the digital signal to an analog signal your headphones can output (assuming you’re using wired headphones or earphones).

Shop your cool gadgets only at CAFAGO.comStart At The Source

If having the best audio performance out of your headphones is important to you, it’s time to come with a simple fact: Most streaming audio services can’t compete with a local, high-quality file. Yes, some are providing high-quality streams, unless you’re in offline mode, streams still rely on the speed of your internet signal, a factor that doesn’t come into play when listening to a stored file on wired headphones.

Shop your cool gadgets only at CAFAGO.com

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