Learn The Many Different Types Of Camera Lenses

Learn The Many Different Types Of Camera Lenses

Lenses are expensive, so we often pick a type of photography, and then choose a couple of them that work fine with our vision.  Even those who have been in the photography world for years, chances are, most of them are still stuck with the type of camera lens they’ve been using. But did you know that it can also be helpful to try and experience the different types of camera lenses? It can even elevate your photography skills to the next level. If you’re not convinced yet, here is our breakdown list of the different options of camera lenses you can use to improve your photography skills! Scroll down to see what lens is suitable for what type of photography!

Prime Lenses

These lenses are a fixed focal length that means if you prefer a 35mm lens, it will give you a 35mm perspective, and you can’t zoom in and out. Primes tend to work for all types of photography, specifically portraits, landscapes, weddings, street photography, etc.

Zoom Lenses

Zoom lenses are great due to their ultimate versatility! They allow you to stay in one area as it can zoom to multiple focal lengths with one autofocus function! What makes zoom lenses (if on autofocus) amazing is that it can still keep that focus while you adjust your focal length, which means you can snap instantly!

Wide Angle Lenses

Wide-angle lenses are pretty self-explanatory. It lets you capture a wider field of view. Photographers who like to shoot landscapes. They tend to use these lenses to ensure they get the full scene of what they are shooting. Take note, the lesser the number focal length, the more that will fit in your frame. Wide-angle lenses tend to distort photos, especially of faces, which can be easily fixed moderately post-processing. Wide-angle lenses are very versatile and tend to be cheaper.

Telephoto Lenses

The best thing about telephoto camera lenses is that they are perfect when it comes to taking photographs of subjects/scenes from a very far away. Some telephoto lenses can zoom, meaning they don’t need to fall into the fixed focal length “prime” category. These lenses are the best if you want to take photos of nature and wildlife. (Basically when you don’t want to disturb the king of the jungle that seems on the hungry side). These lenses are also perfect for star/planet photography and for photographing sports (like from the sidelines of a football game).

Fisheye Lenses

Fisheye lenses are ultra-wide-angle. These specific lenses are often used in abstract photography. It lets you take the most panoramic view of anywhere from 100-180 degrees. These lenses use a specific type of “mapping” that intentionally distorts lines, given a more convex appearance.

Macro Lenses

Macro camera lenses are applied for extreme close-ups! These Macro lenses will reveal details of water droplets on plants, fine hairs on insects, or detailed shots of diamond rings. Its primary goal is to photograph a life-size 1:1 image of your subject.

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