Learn the Pros and Cons of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at Anker.comLearn the Pros and Cons of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Released in 2019, Apple revealed the iPhone 11 Pro, the successor of the iPhone XS Max. At the Apple event unveiling the device, Phil Schiller mentioned that this first iPhone Pro is a device for pros to get things done. So, here, we have gathered the pros and cons you need to know about the phone. Just in case you’re thinking of getting a new one this year. It will be your guide in determining whether this mobile is worth your penny or not.Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at Anker.com

The Pros of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Solid Design – It has an updated matte coating wrapped with a surgical-grade steel case; thus, making it durable and at the same time, aesthetic.

Super Retina XDR – It is a new display technology implemented by Apple that gives a massive contrast ratio and enhances HDR, which makes its display 15% more energy efficient; thus, providing the device better battery life.

Enhanced Front and Rear Camera – It has 12-megapixel sensors, 12-megapixel standard camera, 12-megapixel telephoto lens, 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera with an f/2.4 aperture, and 120-degree field of view. Switching between the cameras is a lot easier by sliding your finger or tapping on the 1x button.

Portrait Mode Enhancements – Apple has attached pet support on Portrait Mode. Plus, they included a new Portrait Lighting feature called High Key Mono.

Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at Anker.comNight Mode – It automatically takes long exposure photos when in low lighting conditions. And it makes photos look sharper even in the dark.

QuickTake – It gives the ability to hold the shutter button, so you can easily start recording without the need to switch out of Photo mode.

Powerful Processor – The A13 Bionic chipset in the device integrated by Apple. It is more power-efficient than the A12 so that it can give a better battery life.Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at Anker.com

Upgraded Sound – Supported by spatial audio built into the speakers and Dolby Atmos, which gives you a surround sound-like experience while you watch videos, listen to music and play games. The spatial awareness feature is made with Apple’s newly created U1 chip with Ultra-Wideband technology.

18W Charger – It has fast charging capabilities that let you 50% charge your device in 30 minutes with the 18W adapter included in the box.Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at Anker.com

Improved Battery Life – Its battery life can last up to 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max, 20 hours with video playback, 12 hours with streaming video playback, or up to 80 hours of battery life if it’s just audio playback.

The Cons of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Subsequently, Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max has flaws too. First, its starting storage size is just 64GB. Which could be a problem for those who store a lot of videos, music, or photos on your phone. The price of this mobile phone starts at $1,099 for a device with only 64GB storage. Another biggest issue with having a phablet-sized device. It can’t fit in your skinny jeans or wallet, and it can be challenging to use it while one hand.

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