FIXD The Micro-Car Mechanic For Your Car Health

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Imagine if there’s a gadget specially made for your car, wherein you can use it to diagnose its current problem. Awesome, right? It means you can save a ton of cash on unnecessary car repairs and time as well. Meet the FIXD, a relatively new innovative gadget that can tell the current problem of your car in no time.Shop your next Gadget at

FIXD will help you read and diagnose your check engine light, clear that pesky light from your vehicle, and understand the severity of the issue. With FIXD on your car. It empowers you to make the easy fix in many cases and save your precious time. Plus, it saves you tons of cash by providing you with estimated repair costs up-front, giving you confidence during those trips to the mechanic.

FIXD is so easy to use. Just plug the gadget into a carport. Connect FIXD to the free app on your smartphone using Bluetooth, and let it do the rest.  With the multi-vehicle control, you can also connect your family’s vehicles to the app, which lets you remotely monitor the status of their car, and get alerted whenever something is wrong.Shop your next Gadget at

FIXD is compatible with all gas-powered vehicles made after 1996 and works with all vehicle protocols. It works with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

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