Quick Fix For Your Hanging Smartphone

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Quick fix for your hanging smartphone is a good remedy for your gadget. Hanging smartphones like built with android OS is causing lots of troubles for those who uses smartphone.  Android smartphone users wanted to know how they can fix their phone when needed. And your lucky day is here. This simple tips do not require to do much more than just being neat with your phone.

You should watch your download as well as App installations with android. And uninstalling these applications may be a bummer to you. But occasionally you should check your storage space if its large enough to hold your files and application that you wanted to use. This will guarantee that the device will work and you don’t want an endless  hanging to end up numerous work. right?Snap the best deals at Banggood.com

Common reason of these are result of the collection of cache along with scrap files existing in the device. For this, you should get delete of all scrap files along with cache files from the smartphone.

Here re the quick tips to get to avoid hanging up

Keep your smartphone is updated

Keeping it updated is a must because it can fix numerous bugs and security issues. Along with your phone, it will absolutely perform better and optimize. To do this, Go to phone Settings, About Device and click Software Update or Check for update. If there are any kind of type of pending updates , don’t hesitate to do so..Snap the best deals at Banggood.com

Wallpaper screen display

We tend to make our smartphone looks great with our eyes but believe it or not, It is one of the reason why it hangs-up. We often download and install themes and wallpapers via online which look exceptional. And these wallpapers take much Memory usage in your phone which make your device slow. Replacing an online wallpaper from the photo inside your phone can increase the performance of your device.Snap the best deals at Banggood.com

Delete Cache files along with remnant of uninstalled app

Cache files should be removed regularly. You can do this by going in your phone Settings,  Look and click “Storage”, check your phone data usage and click Cache Data to delete all cache data from your apps. By doing this you may free up lots of space and may improve your phone performance. Installing third party software is not recommended because its just adds up to your used space, eats some RAM and battery.Snap the best deals at Banggood.com

Delete Duplicate Contacts

There are a variety of duplicate contact store in Android device. So keep in mind that you in addition remove them. This will save you lots of times for checking the correct contact when you are about to connect with them. Keeping your contact list minimal is always a good practice. Since you are android user you can sync all of your contacts in one account. Just save them with your Google account every time you are adding an entry for your contact. And lastly, remove the accounts that you do not use. It may free up spaces and avoid hanging up.

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